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Hi, I'm Samantha Jacobs and I'm a 25 year old flight attendant with a major carrier here in the United States. It was always my dream of becoming a flight attendant and now the dream can be yours too. I'll help guide you through the process of choosing the right academy and and helping you make smart decisions each step of the way. So, welcome aboard, buckle-up and prepare to take-off to the career of your dreams.

Tips in Writing a Flight Attendant Resume

Because of the travel privileges and the prestige that comes with the job, being a flight attendant in one of the leading domestic and international airline companies is a dream shared by many, especially women. Indeed, height, charm and communication skills are the most basic requirements for those who aspire to be flight attendants. However, getting a position as a flight attendant requires more than just good looks. You also need to showcase your credibility and potential.

As you compete with dozens of hopefuls, a well-written flight attendant resume will help you stand out. Even if you have good looks, airline companies may hesitate in hiring you if you do not have an impressive flight attendant resume. A flight attendant resume is an asset in making these airline companies see the value of having you on board. Thus, aspiring flight attendants should spend a lot of time writing their flight attendant resume. Here are a couple of tips and pieces of advice to help you write a flight attendant resume.

1. Make your flight attendant resume suited for easy reading. Avoid being a flamboyant self-promoter. Your flight attendant resume should be printed on clean, white paper. Never use fancy, colorful paper. Using fancy paper will lead your flight attendant resume to the paper shredder or trash. Your resume does not have to be visually-appealing. It has to be professional and in the standard format.

2. If you choose to include an objective in your flight attendant resume, make sure your statement is strong and positive. Choose an objective statement that will express the values you can offer to your new potential employer. Be clear and concise with the words you use. Including an objective in your flight attendant resume is advisable if you already have a specific position in mind.

3. Avoid placing too much details on your work history. Your job history should not consume your entire flight attendant resume. Choose the most essential details and your most relevant and recent job experiences. It is also advisable to provide an overview of your scope of work. However, make your overview as brief as possible. Include only the responsibilities that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Your flight attendant resume is expected to highlight prior experience in the same position or industry

4. Write down the training courses you have completed. Your flight attendant resume should contain relevant and major training courses and seminars you have attended. For aspiring flight attendants, training on customer relations, flight safety regulations and communication skills are very important.

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