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Hi, I'm Samantha Jacobs and I'm a 25 year old flight attendant with a major carrier here in the United States. It was always my dream of becoming a flight attendant and now the dream can be yours too. I'll help guide you through the process of choosing the right academy and and helping you make smart decisions each step of the way. So, welcome aboard, buckle-up and prepare to take-off to the career of your dreams.

Tips in Writing a Flight Attendant Resume

Because of the travel privileges and the prestige that comes with the job, being a flight attendant in one of the leading domestic and international airline companies is a dream shared by many, especially women. Indeed, height, charm and communication skills are the most basic requirements for those who aspire to be flight attendants. However, getting a position as a flight attendant requires more than just good looks. You also need to showcase your credibility and potential.

As you compete with dozens of hopefuls, a well-written flight attendant resume will help you stand out. Even if you have good looks, airline companies may hesitate in hiring you if you do not have an impressive flight attendant resume. A flight attendant resume is an asset in making these airline companies see the value of having you on board. Thus, aspiring flight attendants should spend a lot of time writing their flight attendant resume. Here are a couple of tips and pieces of advice to help you write a flight attendant resume.

1. Make your flight attendant resume suited for easy reading. Avoid being a flamboyant self-promoter. Your flight attendant resume should be printed on clean, white paper. Never use fancy, colorful paper. Using fancy paper will lead your flight attendant resume to the paper shredder or trash. Your resume does not have to be visually-appealing. It has to be professional and in the standard format.

2. If you choose to include an objective in your flight attendant resume, make sure your statement is strong and positive. Choose an objective statement that will express the values you can offer to your new potential employer. Be clear and concise with the words you use. Including an objective in your flight attendant resume is advisable if you already have a specific position in mind.

3. Avoid placing too much details on your work history. Your job history should not consume your entire flight attendant resume. Choose the most essential details and your most relevant and recent job experiences. It is also advisable to provide an overview of your scope of work. However, make your overview as brief as possible. Include only the responsibilities that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Your flight attendant resume is expected to highlight prior experience in the same position or industry

4. Write down the training courses you have completed. Your flight attendant resume should contain relevant and major training courses and seminars you have attended. For aspiring flight attendants, training on customer relations, flight safety regulations and communication skills are very important.

Why You Would Love to Become a Flight Attendant

Among the numerous career paths that an individual can choose from, being a member of an airline company certainly provides so much promise. Surely, you have come across someone who desires to become a flight attendant. Though you have to be comfortable with the idea of having frequent flights, the decision to become a flight attendant offers so many privileges that you cannot find in other professions. If you are looking for an exciting, rewarding and challenging job, you should consider getting into the aviation industry and become a flight attendant.

One of the perks in choosing to become a flight attendant is the opportunity to travel. Luck is surely in your favor if you are employed in an international airline company. You get the opportunity to travel far and wide because you chose to become a flight attendant. You get to visit countries you have only read about in magazines and travel books. All of your expenses will also be paid for by your airliner. Most airline companies offer their flight attendants the opportunity to stay in their arrival destination for at least one day while waiting for the next flight. Some airliner even offer free flights and travel accommodations for the flight attendant’s spouse or immediate family. Needless to say, choosing to become a flight attendant is the perfect career path for anybody who has passion for traveling because airliners will pay you for doing what you truly love.

Deciding to become a flight attendant is also a promising opportunity to be trained in personal and professional development. Flight attendants need to complete a series of training courses and seminars before they will be allowed to join commercial flights. The training courses include sessions on self-confidence, customer relations and oral communication skills. As a flight attendant, you are expected to be assertive yet respectful. You will also be trained to be a quick thinker when emergencies arise in the middle of your flight. You will also get used to maintaining a positive disposition since you are expected to exude a positive aura to your passengers. Flight attendants will also be trained on how to maintain their composure and patience in handling passenger complaints. It is undeniable that being a flight attendant will be your gateway to learning a lot about the world and about yourself.

Your choice to become a flight attendant also provides you with the opportunity to meet and interact with different types of people of different ages, races and cultures.